Visual Artist and Lecturer in Visual Cultures, Performance, the History of Art and Studio Practices.

Committed to working at the intersections of visual cultures and performance, bio-politics, cultural anthropology, posthumanism, performance philosophy, human-animal studies and contemporary art and live art practices.

Studio practice spanning 25 years of Irish and international Solo and Selected group Exhibitions, public sculpture commissions, major non-profit commissioned exhibitions and installations, projects in Arts in the Community, Arts in Healthcare, supported through Bursaries by local authorities, the Arts Council and Culture Ireland and private collections.

PhD in Performance Studies and Visual Cultures, University of Roehampton London 2016. Thesis interrogated the material and symbolic presences of animals in contemporary and historical art and performance practices especially live art and opera. Examining human-animal narratives in cultural anthropology and primatology and focussing on the material presence of the animal body in live performance, film and visual art and in interpretations of animal personhood.

“I question what is at stake in human-animal histories, becomings and cultural expressions of interspecies pasts and futures, by artists, in our time. I am especially interested in the forms and functions of animal acoustics in arts and performance practices where I find the ‘animal’ voice functioning as a porous, resonant medium of becoming and immanence, a conduit of both similarity and difference, following Deleuze. Becoming resonant with animal vocality can instigate a means of unsettling human exceptionalism in a time of urgent re-evaluation of interspecies relations.”





Bat, mouth open, watercolour, © 2017